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Old Town Square

Charming, quaint.. all these words have been overused to describe this city, but I can see why. A birds eye view of the old town square can be viewed from the astronomical clock tower. A small fee to be paid for a huge eye opener. I think it's pretty worth it!

Astronomical Clock

The interesting part of the clock is when the clock is about the strike at the hour, everyone crowds around but are unsure what they are looking at and end up going "What did I just saw?" 

St Vitus Cathedral

One of the best examples of Gothic Architecture and a very important and big one in the country. It is located within the compounds of the Prague Castle. We spotted several brides having a bridal photoshoot there. Both sides of the Cathedral are lined with stained glass windows. The roof is exceptionally high - light streaks through the stained glass windows - the mood in the premise is hauntingly serene.

Malá Strana

Take a slow walk across over to Malá Strana, the lesser town of Prague, where Prague castle resides. The structure of the city is a bit different from that of the old town - it is less systematic and the buildings are older. Don't miss out on the John Lennon's wall! It is very well hidden, but somehow we managed to stumble upon it while getting to Cafe Savoy for breakfast. 

Cafe Savoy - Restaurant - Patisserie - Vinotheque | Vítězná 124/5, 150 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic | Opens 0800 - 2230 daily. 

The setting in Cafe Savoy was very much like that of coffee houses in Vienna - all that posh interior, very elaborate facades and tai-tai style breakfast. We almost got turned away at the door as the whole place was full except for one small table which the manager insisted it was only suited for people just having tea or small snacks. We squeezed within that table anyway. And indeed, the waitress was right! We ordered 2 sets to share, with 3 sets of drinks, and they also served everything with a basket of assorted bread (very very yum!!) and the table space was almost insufficient as seen above. Everything was perfect though the lack of space - the jams tasted different and the dark hot chocolate I had had to be the best I ever had. The moral of the story is to remember to make a booking to prevent being turned down! We got in lucky. 

Petřín Tower

The Petřín Tower strangely resembles the Eiffel Tower. To get to the top of the tower, you'd have to climb 299 steps. The view is nothing short of breathtaking. Observation decks are always nice to get to because of the panoramic view they offer. What's more it's a good workout! Get those glute and thigh working and earn your workout complete ;)

Tricafe | Anenská 3, Prague, Czech Republic

A hidden gem tucked away in a little lane, the coffee tasted close to what specialty coffee was (according to Kiat), which seemed pretty rare in Prague as well as many parts of Europe we have seen. The cakes served were delectable. Our pick was blueberry lemon cheesecake and a warmed up apple crumble strudel. The interior was decked in vintagey furniture and vinyl cut outs of famous people like Steve Jobs, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Albert Eistein and more. They also had a blackboard to mark the different nationalities who had chanced upon this cafe! The coziness of the place on a cold winter's day was definitely the reason that made us go back again on another occasion. 

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