backpack 70 days in 30 central-eastern europe cities for $7.3k / by Those Fancy Gems


Before we get down to the knitty gritty, this clip is our trip in a nutshell - 70 days around central-eastern Europe. 

So, it had been quite the roller coaster ride since we did our backpacking trip. 

We flew into Warsaw, Poland, from Singapore on 25 November 2014 and travelled for: 

71 days, 10 weeks, 9740km, 30 cities, 12 countries
with 2 backpacks amounting to 11kg of luggage
Took 16 trains, 9 buses, 7 planes, and had 6 pickups from Air BnB and hostel hosts, 4 ferry rides, 3 funicular rides, 2 cable car/ gondola, hailed 2 taxis
Rode on a donkey, skied, rowed a boat, ice skated, and countless of different cuisines and coffee……. 

All this for approximately, SGD $7.3k. This amount includes all planes, trains, ferries and bus tickets, all entrance fees, all accommodation from hostels and Air BnB, all food and other expenses (which is almost none, as we bought almost nothing - another post on how we did that soon!). 

It is still quite surreal that we were able do this. 

The first question others always ask is - how much did you spend? We will get back to that again in a future post, with a breakdown of all the expenses. But first, what about other questions like - what we ate, or drank, where we lived in, who did we meet, what experiences did we bring back with us? 

Well, I guess it’s hard to explain those things in words in a nutshell. Hope you have enjoyed our video and perhaps it will be able to take you on a whirlwind of fun, just like how it had been for us, and also to inspire you to be brave and start exploring.

Hop on here to know why we travelled where we travelled. 

Those Fancy Gems