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Our aim for the trip was to use our money wisely to seeing more things, collecting experiences, instead of things like shopping. Hence, we did not shop until our last leg of the trip - Warsaw - which was actually for our chinese new year clothing that comes into use 2 weeks after we get back to Singapore. Even then, we only collectively bought 1 bottom and 2 tops, and 3 boxes of cookies. Say whattttt?

So what did we buy for keepsakes?

Wei Kiat and Shaomin chose to have a pin collection, while Shao Hui & Shaomin each decided to get a patch in each city, if possible.

The initial plan was to stitch the patches onto our bag packs, but the collection had turned out to be pretty huge and our bags has too little surfaces for it to be stitched on. As for now, they are just going to be sitting in our drawers. Any suggestions on what we can do with it?


Prices of these pins and patches ranges from about SGD $4 - $8. They are not very cheap for what they are, but they do the job of representing each place we had been to. Do not be surprise if they are quite pricey in places like Vienna - as a decent meal is already 10 at minimum. Just buy it anyway because that is really the only thing you are going to spend on. 

Also, Shao Hui did get some postcards too which she sends to her friends studying overseas. Postcards are generally very affordable, and the prices are so minute, they are not really worth mentioning at all! Too good and value for money. 

Where to get them?

Just about any souvenir shops sells them. How to spot a souvenir shop? They are usually full of kitsch looking knick knacks and touristy looking cups, magnets and whatnot. Pins and patches should be around the cash register, and postcards are on stands that are near the entrances.

What other kind of unique memorabilia do you collect on your travels? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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