Cafe Hopping: Vienna's Cafe Musuem / by Those Fancy Gems

Once again, I can't emphasise enough how much I love the menu here! So much effort had been put in to create the looks of each dessert available in visual form in the menu - totally a plus point for me. 

Like how I mentioned in my previous post about Vienna's cafe scene, it is indeed vastly different from the ones we have in Singapore. As much as I love myself a nice cuppa specialty coffee, a dessert in a cafe in Vienna captures my heart even more so. 

The very hyped up and must-try(s) in Vienna is the Apfelstrudel which was served with either whipped cream or some kind of vanilla sauce. It was too sweet for my liking, but I think it is generally well received by others who tries it. Another dessert we ordered was the Chestnut mousse. The chestnut flavoured mousse was thinly piped onto a chocolate wafer bowl, containing what I remember was more chestnut cream. The taste was very interesting and I actually like it. I have never had a western dessert made from chestnut (this realisation came early, because the rest of Europe does seem to love their chestnuts!), albeit once again being too sweet for my tastebuds. 

If desserts are not your thing, drop by for a coffee, as they have a wide array for you to choose from. All these are specialties of Vienna.

Taken with credits from the Cafe Museum website

Taken with credits from the Cafe Museum website

A lot of Viennese cafes have free wifi, so remember to ask, or simply try to connect to Freewave, if you see it in your wifi selection on your mobile devices. 

Cafe Museum | Operngasse 7, A-1010 Vienna | Opens daily 0800 - 2400 | Free Wifi 

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