Sunday morning in Vienna - Where you can get your breakfast & coffee fix / by Those Fancy Gems

Sunday mornings in Vienna might be a little of a pain for tourists who are looking to explore the city. What is more difficult than finding things to do is looking for a place to fill one's stomach. Even if you are willing to just have a bun from a supermarket, you will still have to travel quite a fair bit before getting to one located near to a big U-bahn station. 

We got a little lucky on that fateful Sunday morning, lurking around our hostel's area (we stayed in Wombat's Hostel - Naschmrkt) in the early hours. Maybe we were being a little picky - as our hostel offered breakfast for just Euro 3.70. But it was our last day in Vienna, and we just wanted to have savour what the coffee houses in Vienna has in store for us one last time before leaving. 

Our feet miraculously brought us to Coffee&bread after what seemed like walking on forever and getting rejected by closed door and 'close' signages. When we spotted this cafe, we knew it was the one for us. It was well lit, with the fresh aroma of coffee beans and pastries seemingly pulling us in closer. We were greeted with very nice smiling faces. The whole menu was in German, so we could not understand but we tried to make it out anyway, and our difficulty got spotted by one of the staff. She was nice enough to explain to us what each thing on the menu was, even down to what herbs was contained in the dish. When we still did not understand what herb it was, she took the effort to go into the kitchen to take it out and showed it to us. So much happy vibes in the morn!

This third-wave-coffee cafe is definitely refreshing for people in Vienna, if they ever want a change from their typical coffee house. 

The food was simple yet delectable. Not much of a crowd on a Sunday morning but I would expect it to be pretty packed on weekdays, as it is situated near Naschmrkt and Karlsplatz. It is probably a favourite of university students of the nearby Vienna University of Technology especially with it's affordability. 

Coffee&bread | Operngasse 24, 1040 wien | Mon - Fri: 0700–1900, Sat: 0800–1700, Sun: 0800–1400