Visuals: Why the best season of all is Fall / by Those Fancy Gems

Fall is the season of all things mellow. The sun gets a little paler, the air turns a little cooler while not getting too cold.

Fall is the season where the whether gets a little erratic. Some mornings get mist up so badly it is a hazard to drive. Sometimes it hails and the sun shines at the same time and then a rainbow appears.

Fall is the season where the leaves turn into a myriad of colours, from green to a citrusy orange colour, to a bright scarlet - it's like the trees are having a party and are decorating the streets. The colours change ever so gradually, you'll hardly notice it, until the end of fall when the trees turn bare. Then you know, winter's here. The cold's here.

Fall is the season that reminds me of how all good things come to an end, and that we have to embrace the now, learn to enjoy the now before it's gone. 

Fall is the season, the only season, you can run through heaps of leaves and kick it, just for fun. 

Fall is the season that makes me want to stop and take a look at my surroundings a little longer.

Fall is definitely the best season of all.