Chasing Sunsets

Chasing sunsets: Tasmania by Those Fancy Gems

Today my mum set off to Japan with her sisters and mother, my 91 year old grandmother. How cra’aazy is that?! Other than harping on the fact that I am unable to follow suit in their adventures, when my mum left it made me feel a little blue - Somehow it reminded me of how I felt when I left to study. That feeling of separation is bitter-sweet. And ever since, sunsets always made me feel like the next day is nearing and that I would be home soon. 

I have a stash of photographs chasing sunsets in Tasmania where I lived for 3 years. Here’s to reminiscing the beautiful sunsets from then:

The colours of sunsets in tassie varies but are generally hues of pink and purple. It may not be the best sunset in the world but it always meant something to me. I just enjoy looking up so much and taking in the moment, especially after a long day in uni or upon exiting the gym after a good workout session - absolutely rewarding and uplifting to one’s spirit. 

Sometimes if I do manage to wake up early enough, I get to see the sunrise. Sunrises are more orangey, sometimes peaking through some massive and crazy looking cloud formations, which is amazing as it wakes you up and encourages and motivates you to start the day right. 

To me, tassie has the best sunrises and sunsets. (Some people say the best sunset is in Zadar?) Perhaps it was because of the people I saw it with. The place, time and certain circumstance makes a difference when appreciating a moment in time.

When was the last time you slowed down your pace, looked up and enjoyed the display mother nature has for you?